Products & Industries
  • Automobile Material Solutions

    Automobiles industry have been evaluating profoundly. Nowadays, vehicles offer drivers and passengers better safety design...

  • Material Solutions for New Energy Vehicle Industry

    The rapid grow of new energy vehicle industry is promoting many related industries, such as energy industry and energy safety industry...

  • Material Solutions for Household Appliance Industry

    Expertise in customizing material solutions for the customers in household appliance industry, Jinyoung takes part in the evolution of household appliances...

  • Households Materials Solutions

    Sanitary ware products:Toilet seat & cover,High light and weather fastness ABS,High gloss, weather resistance, shock resistance...

  • Consumer Electronics Material Solutions

    Consumer electronics progress with each passing day, and the industrial competition is driving us to constantly think about...

  • Industrial Electrical Instruments Material Solutions

    Electrical equipment and components are easily impacted by temperature, humidity, corrosive gases and other factors....

  • Lighting Industrial Solutions

    Human’s civilization progress is inseparable with lighting, which provides a good living environment for human...

  • Rotational Molding Material Solutions

    With many years’ experience in rotational molding, Jinyoung dedicates to offer integrated material solutions for large hollow plastic products...

  • Flexible Packaging Material Solutions

    Masterbatch is concentrate of plastic additives with the plastic resin as carrier. Helping you to achieve the excellent dispersion...

Technical Services

No good product goes without professional services. Jinyoung always values the customer experience. As a professional material solution provider, Jinyoung offers the designers and engineers various technical services, such as the color matching service, material comparison services, and processing technical support.

  • Testing Service

  • Color Matching and Development Service

  • Process Optimization Service

  • Mold Optimization Service

  • Testing Service

    Strictly following ISO/IEC17025 laboratory management system, the Testing Laboratory of Jinyoung obtained CNAS accreditation, which enablesJinyoung toprovide credible test reports on various aspects, such as mechanical performance, flame retardant capability, photo-aging resistance capability and optical performance.

    Differential scanning calorimeter
    Gas chromatography-mass spectrometer
    Thermo gravimetric Analyzer
    Scratch Hardness Tester
    Fogging Tester
    Xenon Arc Weathering Tester
  • Color Matching and Development Service

    Gathers most experienced color engineers, Jinyoung is expertise in the color matching and color development. Jinyoung is capable to customize the color to meet the requirement of its customers within a very short cycle time.

  • Process Optimization Service

    Based on the materials, Jinyoung offers assistance to its customers on the optimization of the production process. The goal of Jinyoung is to help the customers producing the best product with our materials.

  • Mold Optimization Service

    Through MOLDFLOW, Jinyoung will provide recommendations to the customers during the mold design, such as the location of the injection, mold structure design, and flow pathway design. The flow mark and welding line could be avoided.

Quality Assurance

Jinyoung regards the product quality as the cornerstone. The QA system of Jinyoung always follows the top international standard. Jinyoung built the professional testing laboratory strictly following CNAS requirements, just to ensure the data provided is accurate and trustful. Safe, healthy and environmental friendly, our products are fully covered.

QA Certifications

Projects Following International QA Standards
QA System ISO9001 – QA System
Other Services IATF16949 – Automobile QA Management System
OHSAS18001 – Occupational Health and Safety Management System;
ISO14001 – Environmental Management System
Certified by FDA, USA (Certification # QMFZ2.E475922)
Providing characterization service meeting international standards, such as REACH, ROHS, UL, NSF.