Jinyoung New Polymer Entrepreneurship Platform
Founded upon the industry characteristics of customization & standardization, JINYOUNG takes advantage of this granted opportunity in the era of shared economy to have created the first entity platform for entrepreneurship in China – JINYOUNG New Polymer Entrepreneurship Platform.
JINYOUNG New Polymer Entrepreneurship Platform emerges as a brand-new business model, providing zero-risk & high-profits business solutions for entrepreneurs in polymer industry by means of establishing a resource-sharing platform with all essential elements and making available one-stop business services. With one core that illustrates “Partnership Venture” as well as two driving forces that stand for “Venture Accelerator” and “Product Incubator” serving as portals and carriers of collective entrepreneurial resources, our business model aims at sharing a career with visible and applicable results.
Research Institute
Key Laboratory
With analog processing center, testing center and a professional color analysis center, the focus so more professional.
R&D Team
Provide a strong intellectual support and technical support for the innovation of new materials
Technical Cooperation
Jinyoung research institute has always adhered to the philosophy: be open and cooperative
Engineering Research Center
Focus on new materials industry, leading the technological development
Business Partnership KingSun mode: redefine the company, changing the new polymer materials industry,
Subvert industrial development model, promote industrial restructuring and upgrading
Partnership Mechanism Partnership Conditions Partnership Admission Process Want to Join